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Jill Biden was in my SoulCycle class on Lizzo vs. Harry Styles

Jill Biden was in my SoulCycle class on Lizzo vs. Harry Styles

WASHINGTON – I almost skipped my spin class this morning. I would have missed the First Lady of the United States.

Jill Biden has clearly expressed her love for SoulCycle — she even attended a class in London the day after King Charles III’s coronation. with Akshata Murthy, wife of the British Prime Minister. But I definitely wasn’t prepared to see her, the second Mr. Doug Emhoff, or the Secret Service on Wednesday morning when I left at 7am, still half asleep, for my SoulCycle class on Pop Star Battles: Lizzo vs. Harry Styles” was published in Georgetown, about a 10-minute drive from the White House.

After absent-mindedly searching a metal detector and a bag check on the door (I double-checked it sleepily since it’s not part of my usual SoulCycle routine), I made my way to my bike. A few minutes later, Biden, dressed casually in workout clothes, joined me in the back row, two seats away. The first song in our class was Lizzo’s “Like a Girl,” which begins with her singing, “I woke up feeling like I could run for President.” I assume this was a conscious decision by our teacher was.

Some call it a cult, but I love the camaraderie of a spin class. The teacher cheering you on, the classmates around you working hard, and, as in today’s case, the feel-good music from Harry Styles and Lizzo — I’m so much more motivated to push myself than when I’m alone at home or would be in the gym.

But I’ve never had a stronger motivator than the 71-year-old First Lady, who was training just a few feet away. Jill Biden not sitting out that tap-back push-up sprint? Me neither. She can do the last set of weightlifting? Also.

For a long time I preferred the solitude of training at home, but having a training partner, classmates with similar goals, and the occasional doctorate wife of the President of the United States is infinitely more fun and encouraging to do it alone.

dr Biden, if you’re reading this, see you next week for Taylor Swift Tuesday?

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