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Crowd Cow is hosting a Memorial Day sale: Here’s what you can buy

Crowd Cow is hosting a Memorial Day sale: Here’s what you can buy

Whether you’re hosting a Memorial Day barbecue for the first time this year or following a long-standing tradition, you’re probably dreading the thought of fighting through the grocery store crowds ahead of the long weekend. That’s why we recommend ordering all your grilled meats and seafood online. It’s easier and will likely give you higher quality food for your guests.

Crowd Cow is our favorite meat delivery service for a number of reasons: they offer a wide range of sustainably sourced meats and seafood, all products are free of added hormones and antibiotics, and the brand is committed to environmental standards (such as carbon offsetting). emissions and the use of recycled materials). Packaging). Factor in all of these good things and the ability to order steaks from the comfort of your couch, and Crowd Cow will be hard to resist.

Need more persuasion? Crowd Cow is currently offering up to 20% off select pieces as part of its Memorial Day sale. Here are some of the best grill-friendly options to add to your shopping cart.

unique pieces

1. Burger Patties

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

You can never go wrong with a good quality burger at a barbecue party.

It just isn’t a barbecue without a burger. But these are not typical patties; They are made from grass-fed AngusPure Special Reserve beef sourced from Broadleaf Farms in New Zealand. This farm’s unique environment results in lean, low pH beef and extremely tender thanks to the 21-day wet aging process.

$11 at Crowd Cow

2. Hot Italian Sausage

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

These uncured sausages bring the heat to the party.

This flavorful sausage comes from Pederson’s Natural Farms, a brand that specializes in humanely raised, vegetarian-fed meats free of preservatives, artificial ingredients, and nitrates. Serve these savory sausages with grilled veggies and watch them disappear.

$7 at Crowd Cow

3. St Louis spare ribs

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

Smoking or grilling ribs will make your grilling experience even better.

If you’re planning to break out your smoker this Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to bring ribs to the party. This rack of spare ribs is meaty, tender and packed with flavor. Try it with a tangy dry grater or a sweet and savory glaze to impress your guests.

$17 at Crowd Cow

4. Beef Hot Dogs

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

These are not your average grocery store hot dogs.

It’s practically un-American to omit hot dogs from the Memorial Day weekend menu. But if you’re skeptical about hot dogs in general, this Crowd Cow version might change your mind. These are made from grass-fed beef and are high in vitamins A, B and E. They also boast a rich flavor profile that pairs seamlessly with your favorite condiments and toppings.

$31 at Crowd Cow

5. New York strip steak

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

This treasured piece of steak literally melts in your mouth.

This extremely popular cut has garnered over 600 positive reviews from consumers. The beef comes from grass-fed cows that are fed locally sourced grain and grass, making the meat nutritious and incredibly tender. Reviewers praise its buttery texture and beautiful marbling. It’s great for special occasions (like this one!).

$22 at Crowd Cow

6. Wild Blue Mexican Shrimp Burgers

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

This meat-free burger is a great option for pescatarians at the party.

For all the pescatarians at the party, these shrimp burgers are made with 100% wild-caught Mexican blue shrimp and contain nothing else (except some spices). They might not be the most traditional dish at the party, but they’re sustainable, filler-free, and super easy to make on the grill. Almost 800 consumers have given them a 4.5-star rating for their great taste, juicy texture and easy preparation.

$16 at Crowd Cow


7. Grill Master Box

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

Take the hassle out of grocery shopping with this box of essentials.

Don’t feel like poking around? The Crowd Cow’s Grill Master Box has all the essentials and enough variety to satisfy a crowd. These include two New York strip steaks, two prime sirloin steaks, a package of chicken thighs, beef hot dogs, a package of prime ground beef, and two steelhead trout fillets. All that’s missing is your favorite condiment.

$119 at Crowd Cow

8. Memorial Day BBQ Pack

Photo credit: Crowd Cow

This pack was designed for the Memorial Day celebrations.

Designed for the early summer holidays in the truest sense of the word, this package includes all the basics (and a few special extras) to keep all your guests happy. The premium set includes Wagyu burgers, Wagyu and heritage pork hot dogs, chicken wings, salmon, St. Louis spare ribs, and a welcome side of lobster mac and cheese and cheesecake. Also included are two complimentary grass-fed ribeye steaks.

With optimal comfort, money-saving extras, and quality cuts you can count on, this bundle is practically a no-brainer.

$269 at Crowd Cow

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Prices were correct at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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