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Facts About Lashana Lynch, Matilda: Miss Honey from the Musical

Facts About Lashana Lynch, Matilda: Miss Honey from the Musical

Lashana Lynch plays the gentle and kind Miss Honey in Matilda: The Musical. The actor has been a star for quite some time — she was even crowned Rising Star of the Year 2022 at the 75th Annual BAFTA Film Awards on March 13. She’s only just started getting her flowers, and it’s about time.

While accepting her award at the BAFTAs, Lynch delivered a heartfelt speech that paid tribute to her Jamaican heritage. “Thank you to everyone who has been involved in my career. I have very supportive parents whose Windrush generation parents were Jamaican and I owe them my existence,” Lynch began. “I’m grateful for a working-class foundation that taught me everything I needed to know about failure, about no’s and what no’s mean, and your yes’s. And now I get to celebrate a yes I never expected.” She added, “I want to thank the women of this country who have taught me what it is like to be a black woman in this industry. Thank you for laying the foundation for people like me.”

Best known for her role as Rosaline Capulet on ABC’s Still Star-Crossed in 2017, the actress played fighter pilot Maria Rambeau on Captain Marvel the following year. Lynch also played MI6 agent Nomi in James Bond’s No Time to Die and is set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for The Marvels, due out in 2023. Meanwhile, Matilda: The Musical premieres on Netflix December 25th. Until then, read on to learn all about Lynch.

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