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Watch the adorable dog Fuzzybear pick up the mail for his humans

Watch the adorable dog Fuzzybear pick up the mail for his humans

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but there are many postmen who will tell you otherwise. Dogs can be extremely territorial, which means the good guys at the US Postal Service often have to contend with a barking, aggressive dog when delivering mail. However, a cute little dog named Fuzzybear turned that stereotype on its head in Havelock, North Carolina.

According to Sam Perrien, Fuzzybear’s owner, instead of chasing the mailman away, he eagerly awaits his arrival and then helps him deliver the letters around the house.

“Upon arrival, Fuzzybear barks and runs in circles until the door opens,” says Perrien. “Then he goes to the postman for a letter and brings it back to the house.”

Check out this adorable dog and his impressive game of retrieve!

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