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The Yankees’ Aaron Judge runs through the outfield wall to stop another hit

The Yankees’ Aaron Judge runs through the outfield wall to stop another hit

New York Yankees hitter Aaron Judge is known for his punching power, but the outfielder’s glove is to be reckoned with. This weekend was no different.

Days after Judge Teoscar Hernández of the Seattle Mariners stole a home run, Judge stole another hit from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ JD Martinez in New York’s 6-3 win at Dodger Stadium on Saturday.

The outfield wall at Dodger Stadium was destroyed.

With the Yankees leading 5-3 at the end of the eighth inning, Martinez hit a ball down the right field line that looked like a guaranteed double. Never giving up the game, Judge sprinted through the outfield wall to catch the liner in the first inning. He knocked open the door to the guest’s bullpen during the game.

“I’m fine,” Judge said. “The fence took most of it. Luckily it was the part of the wall that gave a bit, so I think that saved me quite a bit. If it was a solid wall it might be a different story, but (I) made the piece.”

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Judge’s catch dampened any momentum the Dodgers mustered for a late comeback.

The end of the eighth inning began with the Dodgers’ Max Muncy reaching first base with a dropped third shot that went past Yankees catcher Jose Trevino. Trevino punched Muncy in the back while initially trying to throw him out. Judge’s catch may have prevented a run from scoring, but Muncy was awarded second base because Judge left the field to grab the ball. In the long run it didn’t matter.

Judge helped the Yankees with a home run to left field early in the sixth inning, his 19th of the season.

Contribution: The Associated Press

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