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Shop John Legend’s new Loved01 skincare line at CVS

Shop John Legend’s new Loved01 skincare line at CVS

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John Legend’s latest creative venture, Loved01, a body and face skincare line, is now officially available at your local CVS and on Legend wanted to create this brand as a means “to celebrate melanin-rich skin and give it the love, care and attention it deserves,” he explained in a press release. “We hope to contribute to the democratization of beauty by offering high quality products at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to be seen, represented, and given the tools to love themselves, starting with healthy skin.”

Now that the line is available for purchase, take a look at the six products it has to offer below.

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The Loved01 skincare routine starts with cleansing, and Legend’s solution to a sufficiently cleansed face and body is the $10 Loved 01 Face + Body Wash on the brand. It contains rosehip and sea buckthorn oils to moisturize, while shea butter softens the skin. This cleanser is also laced with hints of juniper and cypress, said to “offer a refreshing experience.” The Face + Body Wash should be used as the first step in your daily and nightly skincare routine.

$10 at CVS

After cleansing, consider treating any post-cleansing irritation with the $10 Loved01 Toning Mist. The soothing spray uses chamomile and lavender to soothe skin while aloe vera moisturizes. This mist is meant to be used after cleansing, but you can also use it to soothe skin after a shave.

$10 at CVS

Exfoliation, or removing dead skin cells, should be done weekly to maintain a fair, glowing complexion. Legend introduces this process to its line with the Exfoliating Cleanser, a $15 multi-purpose product that claims to have the “creamy texture of fine bamboo powder and botanical oils” that work together to create smooth skin. Natural bamboo exfoliates and rosehip and sea buckthorn oils provide moisture. Rub the cleanser into your hands, then apply to your face or body, using “light circular motions to gently exfoliate.” The brand recommends reaching for this cleanser two to three times a week.

$15 at CVS

Loved01 wants to make sure you have a pleasant shaving experience by offering the $10 Shaving Cream. It claims to have a light texture designed to protect face and body skin from irritation during shaving. The cream is enriched with rose hip and sea buckthorn oil to moisturize the skin. Apply the cream to damp skin and then continue shaving.

$10 at CVS

Rounding out your skincare routine with a moisturizer is essential for optimal skin health as it acts as your skin’s protective shield from potential irritants. Legend’s $10 Face + Body Moisturizer ensures it’s compatible with all skin types by offering “moisture at the highest level” through its “rich, whipped texture.” It contains countless moisturizers and ingredients such as rosehip, sea buckthorn, jojoba and coconut oils. Morning and night, after cleansing and toning your face and body, reach for your moisturizer and use as much formula as you like.

$10 at CVS

For an extra layer of protection, Loved01 has a face and body oil that retails for $15. It’s said to “deliver deep hydration and infuse your skin with antioxidants to protect and repair your skin barrier,” according to the brand. The oil contains rosehip and sea buckthorn oil to moisturize. After moisturizing, apply oil to face and body or to ends of hair.

$15 at CVS

If you’re excited to see what Loved01 (literally) has in store, you can head over to your local CVS or virtually shop the entire line at and

Buy Loved01 from CVS

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