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Shop brand collaborations with Xbox, Ulta, Crocs and more

Shop brand collaborations with Xbox, Ulta, Crocs and more

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Greta Gerwig’s much-anticipated Barbie movie is finally here, and there’s plenty of merchandise to celebrate the occasion. In addition to its own classic Barbie products, Mattel has teamed up with the hottest brands for cool collaborations centered around the Barbie brand.

We hope you’re as excited about the film’s release as we are, and if not, maybe you’ll just change your mind after seeing some of the exciting merch you can get. From Crocs to drinkware, here are some of our favorite products from the Barbie movies that you should try if you want to feel like a Barbie girl (or Ken) in a Barbie world.

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The highly anticipated “Barbie” movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, is coming to theaters Today, Friday 21st July.

The “Barbie” film is rated PG-13 for language and salacious references.

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” film follows Margot Robbie’s Barbie and Ryan Gosling’s Ken on a journey of self-discovery in the “real world” after they are forced to leave the comfort of Barbieland.


This Barbie DreamHouse Xbox is a game made in heaven for all the Barbie loving gamers out there. Microsoft is now holding a sweepstakes 10th of July where you have a chance to win a pink Xbox Series S console built into a Barbie DreamHouse. The prize draw can be entered via Xbox Twitter and the Microsoft Rewards website.

barbie dolls

Even before the film premiered, Robbie’s portrayal of Barbie had won many fans. It’s not easy playing such an iconic role, but Robbie has proven she’s up to the task. If you’re already in love with Robbie’s Barbie, you’ll love these movie-inspired dolls. These dolls come in a variety of outfits including a pink gingham dress, gold jumpsuit and pastel plaid dress set.

$25 at Amazon $50 at Walmart

Ken Dolls

she is everything He’s just Ken. At least he has some new dolls in his luggage. Ryan Gosling expresses his inner magic earring Ken with his denim jacket outfit in doll form. There is also a doll of him in his pastel beach outfit. If Gosling’s Ken isn’t your thing, you might like to get Simu Liu’s Ken doll.

$50 at Amazon $25 at Amazon

Little people set

Little People are some of the most adorable toys on the market, which makes the enduring range of toys perfect for a Barbie collaboration. This set includes Barbie, Ken, President Barbie and Gloria. While there’s no dream house for the characters, we’re sure Barbie wouldn’t mind living in one of the many existing Little People playhouses like this one, even if they’re nowhere near as glamorous as her usual home.

$25 from Amazon

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UN cards

If you want to while the time leading up to your Barbie tour with one of the most entertaining (and controversial) card games of all time, you’re in luck. There are many popular UNO collaborations, with Barbie being the latest. Also, this edition includes a new rule that makes the game even more chaotic. Purchase the pack to find out exactly what this new rule is.

$6 from Amazon


What would a Barbie-inspired outfit be without eye-catching footwear? Unlike most Barbie shoes, these are larger than a doll shoe, so you really get to appreciate them. As part of the Forever 21 Barbie collaboration, they have released these cute green jelly block heels that go perfectly with a Barbie outfit.

$30 from Forever 21

Barbie Crocs

If you’re a fan of Crocs, you’re in luck, as the popular brand is one of many offering Barbie-themed products. Crocs sells a variety of Barbie clogs, sandals, and of course, charms. Although stocks are now low, you can sign up to be notified when stocks are low.

Buy Crocs

hair ties

Some say scrunchies don’t belong in this side of the ’90s. Those people would be wrong, and we have not one but two limited edition Barbie hair ties to prove it! Kitsch is one of the many brands collaborating with Barbie for the upcoming film and they have created a pink hair tie with silver stones as well as a pink plaid hair tie with Barbie and palm tree silhouettes.

$16 from Kitsch


You don’t have to let the dolls do the dressing. Thanks to Unique Vintage, you can shop for clothes inspired by Barbie’s stunning wardrobe in the film. Steal her timeless look with this tropical sunset print crop top or these Malibu Beach print swim trunks.

$41 from Unique Vintage

Graphic t-shirts

If you want a more casual look at the Barbie movie premiere, you’re in luck because Forever 21 also sells Barbie-themed t-shirts. Extra cool looking graphic tees that evoke a faded look. There’s even a black sequin jersey.

$25 from Forever 21 $28 from Forever 21


There is no limit to the number of Barbie products that can spice up the film. Barbie even teamed up with Moon to make this pink electric toothbrush. This is merchandise you’re sure to make lots of use of as you’ll need to brush your teeth frequently to get that perfect Barbie smile.

$80 from Ulta


Even if you’re not staying at the Barbie DreamHouse, you can still feel like you’re sipping poolside at the DreamHouse with these chic glassware sets from Dragon Glassware. Whether you’re sipping a rosé or mixing a delicious cocktail, these pink glass sets will have you feeling just as fabulous as the iconic doll.

$40 at Amazon $35 at Amazon


Another way to dress up your home is to decorate your entrance with a doormat. This durable, machine washable style from Ruggable comes in both fuchsia and pink. It’s sure to be a hit with your guests and put a smile on your face every time you come home.

$179 from Ruggable

The smallest dream house in the world

If you can’t snag the Xbox Barbie DreamHouse, how about a slightly smaller DreamHouse? OK, much smaller. Actually the smallest in the world. With the World’s Smallest Dream House, you can enjoy a little Barbie extravagance no matter the size of your own house.

$8 from Forever 21

dog jumpsuit

Who says only humans can dress up with Barbie clothes? Among the many Barbie products from Forever 21 is a pink jumpsuit for your pup baby. Relax at home or take them for a walk wearing matching pink suits. That’s what Barbie would want.

$10 from Forever 21

Barbie DreamHouse

If you’re looking for a bigger DreamHouse, check out this Mega Blocks replica of the perfectly pink palace featured in the film. While this apartment is a bit too small for standard Barbie dolls, it has two tenants in the form of mega-block-sized Barbie and Ken.

$150 from Mattel Creations

Homesick Candle

Homesick offers a world of wonderful candle scents that can take you back home or to places you’ve always dreamed of. One of those destinations happens to be Barbie’s dream house in Barbieland. How does a DreamHouse smell, you ask? Apparently sweet peony, rosebush, lemon zest, pink jasmine, sandalwood and soft velvet.

$44 from Homesick

eye pin

If you’re looking to add some Barbie shades to your next makeup routine, then you’re in luck. Nyx has teamed up with Barbie to make two Barbie-inspired eye pencils in beautiful pink and blue, available at Ulta Beauty.

$12 from Ulta Beauty

baseball cap

This Barbie baseball cap is just waiting to be added to your wardrobe, especially since baseball season is in full swing (pun intended). This pink hat with white lettering offers a simple, casual way to represent the iconic doll while you watch the film and beyond.

$30 from Mattel Creations

Remote Control Corvette

Along with the DreamHouse, Barbie’s pink Corvette is one of her most iconic possessions. This remote control Corvette is based on the 1956 Stingray that Barbie drives in the movie. This Hot Rod has room for two Barbie dolls, making it perfect for Barbie and Ken to play with and display.

$55 at Best Buy

pool swimmer

Are you going to the beach or the pool this summer? Do it in style with this Barbie-inspired funboy pool. Shaped like a speedboat, this pink pool float is over 9 feet long, so you can easily lounge on it all day long.

$109 from FunBoy

Alex + Ani bracelet

Alex + Ani also joined in the Barbie fun with their very own Barbie-inspired bracelet. This bracelet features pink beads connected with a paperclip chain and a pendant with the phrase “The future is limitless”.

$45 from Alex + Ani


Barbie’s most adorable collaboration is with Build-a-Bear Workshop. You can buy or create your very own pink Barbie bear and accessorize it with trendy clothes and accessories to make it your own. With their striking blue eyes and lashes, the Barbie bears are some of the more unique bears that Build-a-Bear sells, so make sure to get this cuddly merch while you still can.

$50 from Build-A-Bear

film music

The epic movie soundtrack is finally here. Whether you prefer to listen to CD, vinyl or a music streaming service, the quality music will have everyone shaking all summer long.

Starting at $14 at Amazon

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