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Reduce the symptoms of smoke and poor air quality

Reduce the symptoms of smoke and poor air quality

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As smoke from Canada’s wildfires continues to blanket parts of the United States, many are feeling its effects. From coughing to a runny nose to dry eyes, the symptoms of smoke exposure can range from very uncomfortable to harmful. Unfortunately, it can take days for the smoke to start clearing as the wildfires are still raging and the wind hasn’t changed direction yet. In the meantime, it’s important to take advice from local authorities and heed air quality warnings in your area, including advice to stay indoors due to hazardous conditions.

Whether you’re expecting to experience symptoms during wildfire season or you’re currently suffering from them, we’re here to introduce you to products to help you get relief if there’s smoke or smog in your area.

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Smoke symptoms of a forest fire

Symptoms of inhaling too much wildfire smoke can include coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest pain, headache, asthma attacks, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, runny nose, irritated sinuses, burning eyes, and an itchy throat. If your symptoms are severe or worsening, contact your doctor.

smoke control products

A mask

A mask can help prevent the symptoms of a forest fire. However, you will need a good quality N95 or KN95 mask to prevent the particles from reaching your nose or mouth.

$11 at Amazon $2 at Amazon

An air purifier

A quality air purifier is capable of removing smoke from wildfires from the air in your home. The best air purifier we tested is the BLUEAIR DustMagnet 5410i, which boasts exceptional particle removal, quiet operation, and integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

$327 from Amazon

A fan

A properly oriented fan can blow smog-laden air out of your home where it belongs. The best fan we tested is the Vornado 660, which has high airspeed and high volume, meaning it works effectively over long distances.

$100 from Amazon

A water bottle

Water can help soothe a sore throat and flush your body, allowing you to recover quickly from any symptoms. If you are looking for a new water bottle, the Brita BB11 premium filter water bottle is the best thing to buy. This water bottle filters smells and tastes and keeps the water cool for 24 hours.

$30 from Amazon

An eye massager

If wildfire smoke is causing dry eyes and migraines, treat yourself to an eye massage. The Renpho Eye Massager applies comfortable heat and pressure to your eyes and can even play music to help you relax as you fall asleep. Better yet, you can get this all-in-one for less than $100.

$68 from Amazon

An ice pack

An ice pack can also give you relief from a migraine. NatraCure gel pack is the highest rated ice pack on Amazon with over 33,800 five star reviews. Buyers love this backpack for its weight, flexibility and long cooling time.

$42 from Amazon

eye protection

Safety goggles can protect your eyes from the irritation that smog brings. One of the top rated glasses on Amazon is the pair sold by SolidWork as it offers protection and sits comfortably over glasses. For more stylish protection, you can opt for sunglasses such as those sold by NoCry, which buyers value for their durability and light weight.

$14 at Amazon $12 at Amazon

eye drop

Do you suffer from dry eyes? A few eye drops will make your eyes feel like new. Systane has the highest rated lube eye drops on Amazon with over 20,500 five star reviews. Many buyers attest to the effectiveness of these drops in relieving dry eyes.

$14 from Amazon

cough drops

If you have a cough or a sore throat in general, cough drops can provide emergency relief. Halls is a trusted cough drop brand, and Amazon reviews show it – the brand’s most popular product on Amazon has over 12,800 five-star reviews. Many reviewers state that the drops help soothe their throat and relieve coughing.

$11 from Amazon

nasal spray

Nasal spray is a great way to clear out the sinuses. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out the Vicks Powerful Decongestant Nasal Spray. This two-pack has over 10,470 five-star reviews and reviewers praise its effectiveness, especially when compared to water-based nasal sprays.

$15 from Amazon


If you have a runny nose or sneeze, grab a box of tissues. One of the specimens we tested is Puffs Ultra Soft. This fabric is ultra soft yet durable.

$17 from Amazon

A tea kettle

Whether you have a sore throat or a sore throat, a steaming cup of tea should relieve your symptoms in no time. To prepare your elixir of choice, we recommend using a no-fuss kettle like our favorite, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp 1.7L Kettle. Thanks to its intuitive controls, quick boil times and temperature presets, this kettle is easy to use.

$100 from Amazon

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