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Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago ‘roared’ about show rules

Perfect Match’s Francesca Farago ‘roared’ about show rules

Francesca Farago‘s recent attempt at finding love has been far from perfect.

The Perfect Match star has been open about her time on the Netflix show, claiming the producers aren’t being direct about the logistics of the dating competition. In fact, she recently admitted that if they had told her the truth, she “probably wouldn’t have done the show.”

“I was told that we would not share rooms with men,” Francesca explained on the February 24 episode of the Viall Files podcast. “I was told it would be girls and boys, separate houses. So I thought, ‘Perfect, I’ll do it.’ But I won’t do it if I have to share a room because I had to do it on a show with my ex and I regret it.”

The Too Hot to Handle alum continued, “When the rules were dropped that we had to match and sleep in the same bed, I cried my eyes out for a day. None of that was shown.”

And she claims she wasn’t the only one made uncomfortable by the setup (E! News reached out to Netflix for comment but hasn’t received a response yet).

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