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Nick Jonas talks about starring in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial

Nick Jonas talks about starring in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial

Before he was a teenage heartthrob with the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas was out there living his dream as the star of a Chuck E. Cheese commercial. During a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor played a game with Clarkson, checking internet rumors about himself. Meanwhile, Jonas confirmed that he’s not the best whistler and prefers frosting to cake, and also shared that he starred as a child actor in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial.

“When I was a kid doing acting, Broadway and music, I auditioned all the time,” he said. “There were two big jobs you wanted to get as a child actor in the Northeast, one was the holiday commercial for Hess trucks … I never got him kid … that was Chuck E. Cheese.”

Not only did Jonas star in a commercial for the famous pizza chain, but he also pulled off a pretty cool trick during filming. “I have to do this cool thing where I sit on the skee ball thing and throw it [a ball] behind my back, and it got down to business,” he explained. “And we did the first shot, and I actually shot it because they wanted to make it CGI, and I got a high-five from the director and from Chuck E. Cheese himself.”

The glory of getting the skee ball through the ring on his first throw was nothing compared to the reward. Jonas shared with Clarkson that “they gave me a thousand tokens.” Imagine how many games a child could play with a thousand chips or what prizes they could claim. While the singer didn’t reveal how he spent his earnings, it was clear the chat show host was impressed.

As Jonas tried to figure out what the tokens would mean in terms of money, Clarkson said what the audience probably thought when she commented that it would have been like “winning the lottery as a kid.” Check out Jonas’ trick shot in the commercial below.

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