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Game rules, instructions to predict your future

Game rules, instructions to predict your future

Ever wanted to predict your future without leaving your home? Look no further than MASH, the iconic game that can provide a glimpse into your destined life path.

But what are the rules for MASH and how to play it?

Grab some friends, a piece of paper and a pen and read on to learn more about this fortune telling game.

What is MASH?

MASH is a child’s game with the aim of predicting someone’s future.

The goal is to narrow down the categories of your future, e.g. B. Who to marry, where to live, and what your job will be until you find a definitive answer for each.

What does MASCH stand for

The namesake of the fortune telling game stands for:

  • Mmerit
  • AApartment
  • Schop
  • HHouse

What do you need to play MASH?

All you need to play MASH is a piece of paper and a pen. You can choose to play alone or with some friends.

How to play MASH

Start by writing MASH across the top of a paper. This means:

  • Mmerit
  • AApartment
  • Schop
  • HHouse

From there you can decide what details of your future you want to predict. This can include:

  • who you will marry
  • Work
  • Salary
  • automobile
  • Number of Children
  • domestic animal
  • where you will live

You can have as many categories as you like, but you should have at least four. The more categories you have, the more detailed your future will be.

Add four options under each category. Add some variety to these scenarios and throw in options that can be ideal, fun, or even unfortunate. For example, in the salary category, you could write $1 million, $100,000, $1, and $0.01.

If you’re playing with friends, you can let them write some of the options for the categories.

For example, if two people are playing, you can write two options and your friend can write the rest. This gives the game some uncertainty when your friend makes unfortunate answers.

Once you’ve filled out all the categories, it’s time to get your “magic number” that will help you determine your future.

Draw a swirl on another piece of paper or in the corner of the MASH page. Someone should yell stop after a few seconds. Count the gaps between the spiral and that’s your number.

Count through the categories starting with the number MASH and tick the option that falls on the number. For example, if your number is seven, cross out the option you land on when you stop counting from one to seven. Then start counting at the next option in the category.

Repeat this process until you’ve crossed out all the other options, giving you an answer for each category.

Your answer might look like this:

  • You live in a mansion with your husband Timothée Chalamet, two children and a house cat. You are a photographer making $1 million. You drive a Lamborghini. They live in Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills might be someone’s nightmare city).

Or it could look like this:

  • They live in a cabin with their wife Mary Sue, 100 children and a pet iguana. You are a writer making $1. You drive a minibus. You live in Arkansas (Arkansas is beautiful, it might not be where you want to live, or it might be your favorite state).

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