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Dog Movies on Netflix | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Dog Movies on Netflix | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Despite what “Marley & Me,” “My Dog Skip,” “Old Yeller,” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain” might lead you to believe, not all dog movies are made to make you ugly cry. Whether a family is rescuing a dog in need, a dog is rescuing a family in need, or a dog is just wreaking havoc in a mindless animated movie, there are plenty of pup-centric films out there that are more heartwarming than heartbreaking. Some are more humorous than others, such as “Strays” — the R-rated comedy starring Will Ferrell that hit theaters Aug. 18 — while others are just pure adorableness, such as Lucy Hale’s Amazon Freevee film “Puppy Love,” a dog-themed rom-com that was released the same day as “Strays.”

Netflix also has a solid selection of of movies about dogs, so you’ll probably find just what you’re looking for in their library. Of course, there are plenty of dog-centric tear-jerkers, but if you’re not in the mood to sob and just need a burst of doggie delight, Netflix definitely has plenty of films where the dogs don’t actually die — alongside the ones that will rip your heart out, of course. Who’s down for a dog movie marathon?

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