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Candace Cameron Bure Responds to Fuller House Homophobia Allegations

Candace Cameron Bure Responds to Fuller House Homophobia Allegations

Benny, who came out as transgender last month, continued, “I was also kind of warned and prepared that that person’s fandom might be encouraged to target me.”

Bure played DJ Tanner in Fuller House, alongside fictional sister Stephanie Tanner, who she portrayed Jodie Sweetin. Benny did not disclose which Tanner sister she was referring to.

“The fact that this teenage actor making jokes about wearing a scarf suddenly becomes a target for an adult is insane to me,” Benny continued. “Even though I worked on the show every day for two weeks, I’ve only had one conversation with one of the Tanner sisters to date.”

Despite the alleged initial behavior, Benny, who now stars in the Netflix series Glamorous, said she “really had fun actually shooting the show with all the other actors who were willing to talk to me.”

“And the show ultimately led to my being on Glamorous on Netflix. So everything happens for a reason,” she said, adding that it “continues to blow my mind how queer people, especially queer young adults and children, are and need to be targeted.” Standing up for themselves against adults .

E! News has reached out to Benny, Netflix, Jeff Franklin Productions and Sweetin for comment on the claims, but has received no response.

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