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Biden wants airlines to pay passengers for delays. This is already the case in Europe

Biden wants airlines to pay passengers for delays.  This is already the case in Europe

Airlines oppose compensation laws. “Airlines already have financial incentives to get their passengers to their destinations as scheduled,” Willie Walsh, the director general of the International Air Transport Association, a lobby group, criticized the Biden plan in a statement. “The additional costs that this regulation entails will not create any new incentive, but they will have to be recouped – which will likely have an impact on ticket prices.” Steer Group, an independent consultancy, has calculated that European airlines in the year A total of 5 billion euros was spent in 2018 to process the amount of compensation claims and to pay out the legitimate claims. The airline incurred an average cost of 138 euros for each disturbed passenger.

The European Air Passenger Rights Regulation was not a panacea. It can still be time consuming and frustrating to secure claim funds. Mr Zenere, for example, is still at odds with Wizz Air, the airline that postponed his trip to Venice last year. You paid too little, he said, and still owe him 250 euros for the canceled trip. “I know my rights,” he said. — Bernard Warner

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Elon Musk’s new employee. The entrepreneur named Linda Yaccarino to succeed him as CEO of Twitter. Yaccarino, the former advertising executive at NBCUniversal, will take over a company struggling to grow its advertising business.

Where’s Ron DeSantis? The Florida governor banned state officials from releasing his travel records, prompting critics to warn that he is trying to hide harmful information as he prepares for a possible presidential bid. Steve Schwarzman, billionaire co-founder of investment giant Blackstone and major Republican financier, recently met with the Florida governor but is not confident in his chances of success, according to Bloomberg.

George Santos pleaded not guilty. The first-term Republican congressman from Long Island faces 13 counts of fraud, including money laundering, wire fraud, false information and theft of public funds. The impeachment doesn’t immediately bar him from serving in the House of Representatives, and it would take a two-thirds majority to bar him, meaning Republicans would have to join Democrats.

A plane crash for YouTube views. A 29-year-old pilot and skydiver has admitted intentionally crashing a light aircraft near Santa Barbara, California, in a video he filmed for a product sponsorship. He faces up to 20 years in prison for obstructing a federal investigation by cleaning up the crash site.

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